Who and what

Magma is newly founded in a different way for us.   We produce. We service. We commission. We communicate. With an intentional and expanding set of offerings we keep pace with the modern creative industry—working from avant-garde to traditional, elaborate to essential.  We have supported agencies, brands, creatives, and businesses across disciplines of stills, motion, documentaries, experiences, PR, books and comunication.   And we intend to continue to do so with Magma.


We want to make sure meaningful ideas are joyfully made. Where the process and details are as important as the results. It’s an amazing time to be in the business of creativity; there are more channels, platforms, and touchpoints than ever before, requiring new tools, services, and media. It is not only inspiring, but vital for us to listen and learn and to continue to evolve our offerings and knowledge for our clients.


From our enduring responsibility to the planet, to new health and safety protocols, how we make work has become as consequential as the work itself. We are proud to partner with LifeGate as part of our global sustainability program. Please email us for a more detailed look at our efforts to create change.